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A:Good morning .what can I do for you.
B:Yes, I'd like to make a reservation to Boston next week.
A:When do you want to fly?
B:Monday ,september 12.
A:We have Fliight 802 on monday .just a moment please.Let me check whether there're seats available.

  I'm sorry we are all booked up for Flight 802 on that day.
B:Then ,any alternatives?
A:The next available flight leaves at 9:30 Tuesday morning september 13.shall I book you a seat?
B:er... it is a direct flight, isn't it?
... 是直航对吗?
A:Yes it is . You want to go first class or coach?
B:I prefer first class, what the fare?
A:One way is $176.
B:Ok i will take the 9:30 flight on Tuesday.
A:A seat on Flight 807 to Boston 9:30 Tuesday morning. is it all right.sir?
B:Right .can you also put me on the waiting list for the 12th?
A:Certainly.may I have your name & telephone number?
B:My name is Lorus Anderson.you can reach me at 52378651.
我叫Lorus Anderson.52378651您能和我联系.
A:I will notify you if there is cancellation.
B: Thank you very much.
A:My pleasure.


1.         Please hold on, I’ll check the availability.请稍等,我查一下座位情况

2.         I’m sorry, all today’s flights from London are fully booked.今天从伦敦飞来的所有航班都已经预定满了

3.         It’s a pity that I can’t get you on any flight to London today.很遗憾,今天没有别的航班飞往伦敦

4.         May I put you on the waiting list?我可以把您列入等候名单吗?

5.         What are the chances?有多大可能?

6.         I can’t say for sure at the moment, but we’ll see what I can do for you.现在我不能确定,但我会尽力而为的。

7.         What date and what number of the flight do you want to book?

8.         Please wait a minute, I’ll check.

9.         There is a flight from here to HK every two hours.从这儿到香港的航班每两小时一趟

10.     The air fare is 500 dollars please.票价为500美元

11.     First class or economy class?请问要头等舱还是经济舱?

12.     A window seat or an aisle seat?座位要靠近窗花还是过道?

13.     Please remember to confirm your flight.请记得确认您的机票。

14.     I am sorry, but everything is taken.对不起,已经没有票了。

15.     I am sorry, but the economy class on that flight have been already sold out..那次航班经济舱的座位已经售完了、

16.     I wish I could help, but this is a busy season, you know.

17.     I can give you a reservation on Flight NO.017.

18.     Do remember to bring your passport with you.

19.     Do you want a one-way ticket or round-trip ticket?您要单程票还是返程票?

20.     OK, give me your ticket please, let me first check the status of flights. There are 4 flights leaving for Beijing tomorrow afternoon ,taking off at 1:50pm, 3:30pm,4:40pm, and 5:50pm, which one do you prefer?您好,请把机票给我,让我看看明天下午到北京的航班情况…….

21.     You need to pay 5%commission if you want o change your ticket once more.如果您在航班起飞前再次变更航班的话,就需要交5%的手续费了

22.     Here is the refund and your ticket.这是退给您的钱和机票。

23.     Do you want to change to that one?您想改签吗?

24.     We have to charge RMB1500 yuan for each person up-grading from economy class to business class.从经济舱改到公务舱每人要加收1500元。

25  We do have some space left in first-class section, I can change your ticket if you like.


1.         May I know your flight number, please?请问你的航班号是多少?

2.         Is there any change?有变化吗?

3.         No delays, it will go as planned.不会延迟,飞机将按计划起飞。

4.         You are flying economy class, is that correct?您是坐经济舱,对吗?

5.         OK, your ticket is in order now.好的,您的票现在已经完全办妥了。

6.         Thank you for calling to confirm.

7.         That’s our regular flight to Los Angeles.这是我们飞往洛杉矶的定期航班。

8.         We have you on our records.我们预定记录里有你的名字。



1.         I want a refund for my ticket.我想退票。

2.         Could I change the flight and date for you?


Are you traveling alone(一人旅行)?

Will this be one way 单程or return双程?

When would you like to depart? (起程)

When would you like to return?(回程)

Do you mind a stopover(中途停留)? Or would you prefer direct(直飞)?

Would you prefer economy(经济舱), business,(商务舱) or first class?(头等舱)


下个去洛杉矶的航班是什么时候?是满舱吗?When is the next flight to Los Angeles? Is it full?
下一个航班还有座位吗?Are there seats available on the next flight?
下一个航班我能等票吗?Can I go standby on the next flight?
订两张去纽约的美航104班机的经济舱机票。  Book me two economy class seats on AA Flight 104 to New York.

我要经济舱的机票。I want to go economy.
请买两张明天中国民航244班机经济座机票。Two tourist class tickets for CAAC Flight 244 tomorrow, please.
我要一张69日飞往华盛顿的机票。I'd like to book a flight to Washington for the ninth of June, please.
我要一张本星期日飞往波士顿的头等舱机票。I'd like a first class ticket to Boston for this Sunday.
我想要下午420分班机的二等机票。I think I'll fly coach on the 4:20 p.m. flight.
我想买头等机票。I'd like to travel first class, please.
我想买一张夜间的二等机票。I'd prefer a night coach.
我想坐上午的班机。I'd like a morning flight.
我想55日飞往纽约。I'd like to fly to New York on the fifth of May.
我想预订75日飞往纽约的机票。I'd like to make a reservation to New York for July 5.
还有我不要乘夜间的班机。By the way, I don't want a night flight.
我不能坐上午的班机走。I can't go by the morning flight.
我相信我们的机票都已办好了吧。我的名字是约翰济慈。I believe our tickets are ready. My name's John Keats.

18 我想再确定我预定的机票。I'd like to reconfirm my plane reservation.
我想确定我预定的机票是否已经办妥了。I'd like to make sure my plane reservation is in order.
我想确定我们联运班机的预订票。I'd like to confirm our connecting flight reservation, please.
我相信下星期六有一班机飞往纽约。I believe there's a flight to New York next Saturday.
那么我就坐星期一1030分的班机。Then I'll take the 10:30 flight on Monday.
我要一张回程不定期的头等来回票。I want a first class open return, please.
我要一张三天会成的经济舱来回票。I'll need an economy class, three-day return.
我要1215分飞离纽约的汉莎三叉戟的机票。I want a Lufthansa trident out of New York at 12:15.
我打算中途在波士顿下飞机。I'm going to break my Journey at Boston.
我打算在纽约中途停留。I'm going to stopover at New York.



What can I do for you?
M: I need to book a plane ticket to London.
W: Round-trip or one-way?
M: One-way.
W: What date would you like to fly?
M: Saturday, July 25.
W: How many people will be traveling?
M: Just one adult.
W: Which class?
M: Economy, please. Economy class is the cheapest, right?
W: Right. Ok, the fare is $700.



Conversation: I Need a Ticket to Osaka.

A= Airline Ticketing Agent       B=Traveler


A: Welcome to Nappon Airlines. How may I help you?

B: I need a ticket to Osaka, Japan?

A: We have three flights (航班)to Osaka weekly: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The flights on Monday and Friday are direct and the one on Wednesday has a stopover in Tokyo. When were you thinking of flying to Osaka?

B:  I would prefer Wednesday.

A:  Will this be round trip or one way?

B:  Round trip returning the following Monday.

A:  How would you like to fly? Economy? Business? Or first class?

B:  Business, please.

A: And will anyone be traveling with you?

B: No. I’m traveling alone. 

A: OK, please give me a minute while I check price and availability. Oh! Good! There are several seats still available. The flight departs at 11:20 AM and arrives in Osaka at 6:40 PM local time. The price is $877.00. Shall I book it for you?

B: Not yet. I have a few more places to check and then I’ll get back to you.